Fastrack Microbials for Large Animals

By March 1, 2017Uncategorized

Due to Canada-USA boarder restrictions, “Fastrack Microbial Pack” is no longer available in Canada.

However, we have been able to obtain “Fastrack Liquid Dispensible” and “Fastrack Equine Microbial and Enzyme Pack”

“Fastrack Liquid Dispensible” is a much more concentrated and cost effective form of the probiotic, which can be used as either part of a therapeutic drench or a direct fed probiotic when mixed into daily rations.

“Fastrack Equine Microbial and Enzyme Pack” contains the same probiotic components as “Fastrack Liquid dispensible” in addition to species specific enzyme in a more palatable supplement form.

Used daily, Fastrack will promote the normal flora nutrients utilization and minimize gastrointestinal upset.