Specialty Months

Theme Months with Special Offers

At AAH we have certain months where we offer specials on services we provide. The following is a list of the months and what services are being emphasized during those months:

February & August: Dental Health Month

  • During these two months, we seek to increase awareness and promote dental health for your pets. Dentistries are booked Tuesday to Thursday and are performed in the morning, so your pet is able to be taken home in the afternoon. Any pets that have a dentistry performed during these two months are sent home with a free sample of a dental diet.

March & April: Heartworm and Lyme Testing

  • We are offering Lyme and Heartworm testing to an outside lab at a special price (effective until June.)  If your pet has been bitten by a tick last year, we highly recommend testing for Lyme.  We are diagnosing this bacteria in the area. Please phone for more information.  All boxed flea and tick product (6 months) is offered at 15% off.  *Certain conditions do apply*

October: Animal Health Week

  • In our clinic during this week (dates to be determined each year), we have draws for a free T-shirt everyday. This week is on province wide and is used to draw attention to animal health.

November: Senior Pet Month

  • During this month we draw attention to the needs of pets over the age of 7. They need special care and we help pet owners better understand these needs by examinations and diagnostics. We also have a “Senior Pet of the Year” Contest where the winner receives a professionally taken photograph with a framed copy proudly displayed for a full year.