ETHICAL:                 Do what is right, at the right time, for the right reasons.

RESPECTFUL:           Treat all others (pets, clients, and team) as we would wish
                                       ourselves to be treated.

 ENTHUSIASTIC:      Let your presence be a source of energy for the team.

PROFESSIONAL:    Always conduct ourselves in a competent and knowledgeable

 HONEST:                   Tell the truth.

 COMPASSIONATE: Empathy and harmony with clients, patients and colleagues.

 RELIABLE:               Be dependable and available to the team, clients and patients.

 PROGRESSIVE:       Be open minded, forward moving and self improving.

 CONSISTANT:         Uphold the continuity of care.

 CLEAN:                      Maintain a healthy and clean haven.

The Annapolis Animal Hospital Ltd. (our health care team) is committed to providing premier animal health care in a friendly and compassionate environment.